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Body Change Session 5

FEED BACK ON SESSION 5 Today we finished up our art work and hung the exhibition. There was a great feeling of achievement and “overcoming “. We felt we have accepted what we went through more since being part of this group, supporting each other and expressing our journey in art. “I […]

Body Change Session 4

16/2/18 In this session we put the finishing touches to the images we had created to illustrate our journey through illness. We discussed how we would feel about exhibiting our pictures and agreed that it may be of help to others. We decided to show are pictures at the Lisheens […]

Body Change Session 3

Session 3   26/01/18 Today we started working on the images to do with the onset of our journey We are all choosing different media to work with, acrylic on canvas, textiles and digital images  FEEDBACK FROM SESSION 3 “I thought today was fabulous because it took me out of the […]

Body Change Session 2

SESSION TWO  19/1/18 We returned to group feeling more empowered  this week Continued to relate our individual stories  and offer each other support Beginning the process of choosing an image which will symbolise what we were going through at the time of the illness Thinking about materials to use …painting […]

Body Change Session 1

“BODY CHANGE” MAPPING A PSYCHOLOGICAL JOURNEY This group consists of four women who have all had a physical condition that required medical intervention. We are interested in what our bodies went through in terms of anatomy and physiology as well as the emotional side of recovering from illness. We are […]

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