Body Change Session 1



This group consists of four women who have all had a physical condition that required medical intervention.

We are interested in what our bodies went through in terms of anatomy and physiology as well as the emotional side of recovering from illness.

We are meeting at Lisheens House for six weeks to express our individual journey through the medium of art and craft.


Session One

  • We met for the first time as a group and shared the medical issue we would be expressing in art,.
  • We discussed the working title for the project and decided to keep it as it was.  word “journey” resonated, in the words on one woman… I am not the same, I have been on a journey, even my DNA has changed”.
  • We thought of the journey in terms of beginning… where did it start? middle… What happened to my body? What happened to my spirit? and end… Where am I now?
  • We mind mapped the thoughts that came to us regarding the beginning of our journey.  We listened to each story in depth,  We supported each other’s story.
  • We thought of visual images to represent the elements that were strong for us on our “beginning” mind maps and will start working on their artistic expression in the next session.

Feedback of the session

” It took me right back to the start of the cancer,  It was hard to write down, but good grief I’m beginning to think I’m not so weak and wobbly. I celebrate the fact I got through it, I value…the green in the trees and the song of birds”.

“This session is a bit healing, it has been nice to talk about share it.”

“I’m learning from it, when I say I’m tired I’m exhausted buy today all the bravery of peoples stories came through”.

All participants in this project were provided with back from a Lisheens Counsellor if required

Facilitated by Karen Billing (Lisheens House Arts Coordinator).




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