Body Change Session 5

Today we finished up our art work and hung the exhibition. There was a great feeling of achievement and “overcoming “.
We felt we have accepted what we went through more since being part of this group, supporting each other and expressing our journey in art.

“I now have a feeling of assimilating the change that happened to my body and also accepting that change. I don’t resent cancer as I used to , I see it as a part of my life.”

“I have enjoyed being part of this group and I am aware that I have watch when my stress levels go up”

The Body Change Exhibition

Art from the workshops can now be see in Lisheens House Education Training Centre Ilen Street Skibbereen

Caring2Create Art workshops are provided free to small groups in line with our ethos “Promoting Positive Mental Health through the Arts”

For more information – Karen Billing Lisheens House Arts Coordinator

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