Body Change Session 4


In this session we put the finishing touches to the images we had created to illustrate our journey through illness.

We discussed how we would feel about exhibiting our pictures and agreed that it may be of help to others. We decided to show are pictures at the Lisheens House Centre in Skibbeeren and would create the display next week.

We are also are thinking of making a short film about the process of the art making and support we gave each other in this group

We all reported feeling stronger when talking about our individual journeys and more able to accept what happened to us along the way

Feedback from this session

“I have found this group very rewarding”

“I was able to feel I was now in a good place”

“When I drew the stress mind illustration it was a huge help because I could see how much I was trying to do “

“The experience in this group has been very positive. If I know that someone will be able to take some healing from my experience and my painting it will make it all worthwhile “

“I have better acceptance about what I have gone through, this groups has helped. I don’t feel as angry any more. I wish my picture to be seen because its part of me”


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