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Child Soldier Exhibition - Lisheens House

Child Soldier Exhibition

An ongoing exhibition of paintings by Jennifer Baumiester on the subject of child soldiers.  Showing at Lisheens House, Ilen Street, Skibbereen.

Using children for military purposes is harmful for a number of reasons.  Children’s development. health and well-being are corrupted when they are drawn into military organisations recruited children, particularly those involved in armed violence, run a high risk of  being killed or maimed, and of suffering serious psychological problems afterwards.

50 countries still allow it. Many non- state armed groups also recruit children.  Every year, the UN Secretary-General publishes a “list of shame” showing which state armed forces and non-state armed groups recruit and use children. On the 2017 list are the armed forces of seven countries (Afghanistan, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen). However, at least state armed forces train children for armed conflict but do not normally use them in this way until they turn 18.



Paintings are for sale.

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