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Body Change Art Exhibition - Lisheens House

Body Change Art Exhibition

Showing at Lisheens House now, 9- 5 Monday to Friday

The Body Change workshop is for women who have all had a physical condition that required medical intervention.  Interested in what their bodies went through in terms of anatomy and physiology as well as the emotional side of recovering from illness, the workshop has also produced a powerful body of art that expresses their journey.

The main image above has the following words from the artist.

“I painted this picture because I needed to finally accept what I have been through.  I decided to pick the strong image of an Amazon Warrior Woman to live up to, after all if they could go through mastectomy without any of today’s anaesthetics or pain control just so they could be better archers surely I could do the same with that help.
I got through the treatments well but was highly depressed for months after with no money, having lost friends because I did not have the energy to go out and keep them up and a memory with huge holes and no confidence

The Amazon image kept me going. Also I heard someone saying the best revenge is to live well. I agree. I forced myself out to a Feel Good Festival and that slowly started the ball rolling. It is a long climb I have been on with so many people helping me along the way, including some free counselling sessions from Lisheens House which made a big difference.
I am now happier than I was before. I’m lucky to be here. I hope my honesty will help people and maybe get them to talk about cancer and mental health more openly and face fears more easily”

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